ASSITEJ Canada is the Canadian Centre of the international organisation of Theatre for Children and Young People ASSITEJ (Association Internationale du Theatre pour l’Enfance et la Jeunesse), affiliated with UNESCO.


ASSITEJ Canada is focused on three key objectives. They include:

1) To facilitate an artistic exchange amongst its members.
2) To promote and celebrate the high quality and diversity of the performing arts for young audiences in Canada.
3) To create a national archive through the collection of materials and documentation of work for young audiences.

Action Plan

Objective 1: Maintain an ASSITEJ Canada website, distribute a biannual newsletter and organize and host an Annual General Meeting at which members will vote on all new proposals that concern the organization as a whole.

Objective 2: Participate in national and international forums, festivals and conferences in order to promote the organization and its membership. Initiate new artistic networks, projects and collaborations. ASSITEJ Canada sends at least one representative to the international ASSITEJ Congress in order to speak on behalf of its membership and forge new relationships with other organizations with related interests.

Objective 3: Collect and archive documentation relating to the production of theatre for young audience, including seasonal brochures, scripts and production photographs. The archive is accessible to the ASSITEJ membership upon request.